We exist to match top talent with current opportunities and prize the relationships we build along the way.


At Kalos Consulting, our goal extends beyond making the sale and rests in providing the best possible service as you walk through your hiring processes. We only succeed when you do, so it is to our advantage, as well as yours, to give you exactly what you need to make your team great.


We like to say that we “fish a better pond” at Kalos. We recruit from otherwise untapped pools where many of the best candidates are to be found. From those pools, we find you world-class talent.

Our unique process includes thorough candidate vetting and working to understand exactly what you want in your employees. We strongly believe our top candidates will be the most desirable candidates you see. Our distinctly personal and relational methods of recruiting are the most successful in the industry and we hope you join our efforts to rethink recruitment.



'Kalos' is a Greek word that means excellent or honorable and we hold fast to those qualities. We will never go back on our word, even when it might benefit us, and we work to honor both our company clients and job seeking candidates.


We maintain honesty and transparency with our candidates and our clients, which we know is rare in the recruiting world. We have seen it make a difference, though, and lead to a more satisfying fit between employer and employee.


Research shows that 90 percent of the best hires are not looking for jobs, and since we fish a better pond of multiple sources, we know we will bring success to both the client and the candidate. We search out employees that are buried in excellence, employees who are succeeding in their current positions.


We think of Kalos as an extension of each business with whom we work. We partner with clients and candidates to fully know and understand what each party's needs are. We want to partner with you to bring the right person to the right place at the right time.

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Brandon Hayes
Director of Business Relations


Nicki Bilardello


Kyle Henning


Kim Boubel


Andrew Parks
Administration Manager


Mike Stevens
Business Consultant


Brandon takes the necessary time to actively learn and carefully listen to both his clients and prospective candidates. He ensures the right “matches” are made. He is extremely professional and cares about both parties throughout the search process. Brandon demonstrates integrity and excellent moral character in all business situations. He is passionate about “doing the right thing” and in serving people well. Brandon is a strong leader and therefore I would highly recommend Kalos Consulting.
— Candidate
It was helpful to be able to talk to someone who was familiar with the company beyond just what you can find on the internet. It was clear that Brandon worked with [the company] before I spoke with him and knew some of their thoughts and what kind of person they were looking for.
— Eric, Candidate