New Year, New Goals, Same Excellence.


Like any new year, we will spend the next few months adjusting to writing an 18 where a 17 used to be, we slowly adjust to the year we are in. Business doesn't have quite the same luxury. Quarter 1 begins the second that the ball drops and in that, so does the need to begin again. As much as Kalos is seeking to be financially successful, if you have journeyed with us you know that our goals are deeper than that. A business run well is consistent in values and service but constantly willing to reevaluate and change with the market and more importantly, the people it is dedicated to. As a company, we have established what we are about. We are about the business of people whether it be filling a needed role, establishing a partnership, or making the best connection.


When people set resolutions, they are speaking out about changes they want to make in their lives in the coming year. Resolutions are dreams of what can be better in lifestyle and practice. Plato said "the unexamined life is not worth living." In the same way a company that isn't well examined is not worth running. This blog is our effort to keep learning what we can about being the best company we can and to share that knowledge whether it be professional advice or personal goals with you.

This is our resolution:

Whether you found your way to us as a dear friend, a hopeful candidate, or a professional partnership, we resolve to be a company that examines the ways that we serve you in 2018. Excellent and honorable work has always been our greatest goal and as we grow and change and move into another year we are more aware than ever that we only succeed if you do. 


Here's to 2018 and more opportunities to succeed together!