Resume Restart


I don't know about you, but resumes stress me out. Starting in high school we all learned some semblance of a template to follow when writing a resume to send to potential employers. Somehow everyone still writes them and formats them a little differently. Sadly I still haven't quite figured out the format for a perfectly formatted resume, but let me share a few tips for freshening up the one you already have.

o   CURRENT: Looking at your resume, it’s easy to write down EVERYTHING that you have ever done. Since most employers will scan through only looking for relevant information, a good rule is to only go back 5-10 years. This can help you to keep your resume clean and to the point.

o   RELEVANTBesides keeping more recent information, only include things that would make you stand out to that particular company. Try not to leave gaps without job experience, but adjust the number of years according to job type and relevancy to your application.

o   HONORING: If you were recently recognized with an honor or certification, especially if it is relevant to the job you are applying, add it! Gloat a little about your achievements with endorsements you have received for your hard work in the past. Following the rules set above, make sure that these awards are also current and relevant to the last 5 years give or take. 

o   CHECKEDIt’s so easy to misspell a word or to use the wrong punctuation. If you haven't looked at your resume in a while, it might be worth rereading it to make sure that it is written well. Try reading it out loud to yourself or having a friend take a look at it for you. Though your experience is more important than your grammar on your resume, an employer will still get an impression of you based on it. Save yourself a bad first impression by ensuring that you are putting your best self forward.