Why Applying Online ISN'T Best


As a specialty recruiting and consulting company, we stand by the idea that the best candidates for any open position aren't found on job sites. From a business standpoint we have found that it is a more efficient use of time to get a few really qualified candidates and avoid swimming through hundreds of unqualified resumes. One of the most popular features of online job application sites is that you can mass apply or search for related jobs. Many people searching for a job will submit their resume to as many places as possible regardless of the fit based on title or salary. I myself have fallen victim to this before and received dozens of automatic replies denying my candidacy. 

What does this mean for YOU? In the same way that you are looking for a fast and easy way to apply for jobs, companies are looking for a quick way to see who is out there. Unfortunately due to the popularity and accessibility of sites like Indeed and GlassDoor, everyone is applying! These websites though efficient, just aren't effective anymore.

These sites were founded with great intention to connect good candidates with great jobs. The problem is in this tech savvy social media age, we are misusing every networking platform that we have because it's fast and easy. 

I can go on talking about this perspective forever,  but maybe it would be better to illuminate what it is that we as a specialty recruiting company offer to both sides in a job opportunity

1. Client Care

Whenever we take on a new client for a job, we take the time to establish a relationship during a kick off call. Our goal is to learn as much about the company and job profile as we can before we begin our search. This call can cover anything from company culture and values to non negotiable job requirements. It is from that call that we are able to get a picture of what each client is specifically looking for in a role. More than just that, we figure out what they are looking for in a person which ultimately sets the tone for a successful match. We do the leg work of weeding out less qualified candidates simply by talking to you first to be sure we know what you need!

2. Candidate Care

A good fit for whomever is accepting the job is just as important if not more so to the overall success of a job pairing. If we find a perfectly qualified person and convince them to apply but they are hesitant about moving or about an aspect of the position, it is our job to talk them through their concerns and whether they truly are a good fit to the position. We take this extra step to make sure that each candidate is not only prepared for the requirements of the job, but also are excited to be applying knowing what they need to know about the company and position.

3. Excellence

Our name Kalos means "excellence" To us, this defines our ethics, values, and process. Our goal is to find the specific person that is right for every role and company. A specified search with heart is what sets us apart from all of these job search sites. 

We only succeed if you do. Whether you are the hiring manager or a talented job seeker, we really only win when you get what you want. What do you want? A good fit! And what do we want? A great one. Finding the best match for company and client leads to higher retention rates and greater success in career development which means we did our part well.