Finding the right person for the job can often feel like an uphill battle with a lot of twists and turns.


At Kalos, we have a proven methodology of reducing the cost, the time, and the headaches of recruiting to obtain top quality talent. 





Since we pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to the individual needs of our clients, we would love to take a few minutes to connect with you.  After listening to your scenario, we will provide an overview of how our services will best suit you.

We seek to understand your particular recruiting and hiring process.

Kalos uses years of strategic training with expert listening and problem solving skills to help clients achieve their desired results. We seek to understand your particular recruiting and hiring process so that we can offer consultation for the most efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering the outcomes you expect.


For those that want to stick to the traditional model of sourcing jobs, we work hard to find you quality candidates that fit your company culture. What distinguishes us from other companies, though, is that we are not interested in simply matching a resume to a job description. We take the time to get to know the specific needs of a company and to understand what makes it such a great place for employees.



Kalos offers contract recruitment in order to better fit the needs of your company. When work is project-based or perhaps just inconsistent, hiring someone full time doesn't make sense. We can find a contract employee to fit your needs and we'll even take care of all of the billing and back-office aspects for you so you can focus on running your team. We even offer a contract-to-hire option should you want to bring someone on to your team down the road after all.


You are not in this alone.

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At Kalos, one of our highly trained recruiters will take the time to understand who you are, including your background, expertise, and vision for the future. If you are unsure of your vision, we will help you explore the possibilities. Together, we will develop your priorities and short and long-term goals to help launch you toward your dreams.

We truly believe your expertise cannot be summed up in a few bullet points on a resume. Because of this, we spend ample time with our partner companies to understand fully what sort of employees they want. We have built relationships with these companies and we know their strengths, weaknesses, culture, and vision. We take our knowledge of you that extends beyond those bullet points and match you with our partner companies. We then provide the opportunity for you to meet, interview, and hopefully take the next step toward your vocational goal. 


You are never alone in this process. We will also help you rehearse your interview skills, negotiate your new position, as well as help you resign from your current job. At Kalos, we put you, the right person, in the right place, at the right time.