Actuarial Recruiting

More than stats.

Experience beyond the resume.

Kalos has over a decade of experience with companies across the actuarial spectrum. Identifying your company’s needs, core values, and culture, we consider more than just the skills on a resume to ensure the best fit for our clients.

Find the best talent

Research shows that a large majority of the best talent are not actively looking for a new job. In an increasingly competitive recruiting environment, we have a knack for finding talent, even before they begin their search.

Customized to your needs

We tailor our agreements to your hiring process to give you the freedom to hire contractors, full-time employees, or even consultants. Whether you're a company or a candidate, each opportunity is vetted before it's even presented.

Proof in the numbers

96% of open jobs get filled by Kalos

Proof in the numbers

Average timeline from open job to accepted offer is less than 60 days

Proof in the numbers

90% of our candidates stay at least
one year


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