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Kalos Consulting is the only recruiting agency that specializes in FileMaker. We have a network of over 120 FileMaker developers vetted and ready for contract work alone and hundreds more available for the right full-time opportunity. We’re already engaged with a third of the FileMaker Business Alliance in the US and we utilize a network of resources internationally to find the greatest devs or opportunities wherever you are or are wanting to go.

The Kalos Difference

We go beyond job boards

Research shows 90% of the the best talent in their fields are not actively looking for a job. We recruit from a variety of sources and build relationships to identify leaders excelling in their current roles.

The Kalos Difference

We're ready for any situation

Need a full-time developer? You got it. Contract work? Sure! Regardless of the scope of your project or positions needed, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for a job or a new hire, we focus on the right fit for you.

"We were looking for one developer originally; they found several that were great and we ended up hiring two. They helped us find people we would not have otherwise found."

— Steve Sykora, President of Harmonic Data, FBA Platinum


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