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See how Kalos is different. We believe that building relationships leads to better understanding your business or personal goals. We find top tier talent that resonates with your culture. Save time and energy. Leave the vetting process to us.

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Transcending Industries

Our client-centric approach is universally successful. Companies are run by people, and people just want to find the right fit. Whether you're in the competitive environment of Actuaries or the specialized field of FileMaker, we'll take care of you.

The Kalos Difference

Expand your network

Job boards only reach people who are actively looking. At Kalos, we have a wide and vast network to find the right fit. We search the entire market for candidates that meet all of your criteria and share your values.

The Kalos Difference

Enjoy more flexibility

Take advantage of contract recruitment when you have short term projects or if you just aren’t sure. We offer both full time and project-based opportunities and we take care of all the billing details so that you can focus on your work. We’ll even help you with the transition from contract to full-time if your situation changes.

It was a big leap for me to work with a recruiter, but it didn't take long to realize my fears were unfounded.
Bob Shockey
President, Alchemy Consulting Group

Proof in the numbers

96% of open jobs get filled by Kalos

Proof in the numbers

Average timeline from open job to accepted offer is less than 60 days

Proof in the numbers

90% of our candidates stay at least
one year


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