Recruiting for the need—not the job


Recruiting with Kalos means...

Broadening your search

Job boards only reach people who are actively looking. We search the entire market for candidates who meet your criteria and share your values.

Hiring effortlessly

While you run the business, we handle initial interviews, vet all the candidates, and manage the entire hiring process. All you have to do is make the final decision.

Fast, accurate hiring

Even with our relational approach, the average recruiting time from the start of an engaged search to an accepted offer is less than 60 days.

Recruiting Specialties

While our client-centric approach is universally successful, we specialize in a few areas.

FileMaker Developers

We’re the exclusive recruiter for the FileMaker Community.

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For over a decade, we’ve found the best and brightest in the actuarial space.

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Apple Consultants Network

Find Apple certified consultants to design and deploy custom solutions.

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